Clean Out, Trade In, Buy More

What Can I Swap?

We accept any items used in the construction, renovation or remodeling of a building and most items used to furnish a building.

Bring us any new, used or reclaimed building products in any quantity (like hardware, bricks, tile, hardwood flooring, lighting and plumbing components, paint, etc.) or collectibles, vintage items, furniture and household goods to receive a trade-in credit towards your next purchase. It’s that simple!

Where Can I Drop-off?

No appointment is necessary, walk in, drop off trades are available any time during our normal business hours of 12pm to 6pm, 7 days a week (excluding holidays) at the Philly Reclaim Material Reuse Center, located at 150 W. Butler Street, Philadelphia, PA 19140.

What Can I Get?

Your trade in credit can be used like cash towards ANY item we have in inventory.

What if I'm Downsizing?

If you prefer to receive a tax deduction donation receipt instead of trade-in credit, please let us know at drop-off and we will be happy to provide it. At any time, you can convert your unused salvage swap credit into a tax deduction, just let us know and we will provide you updated paperwork.

What Not to Bring

Unfortunately, we cannot accept any softgoods (fabric, linens, mattresses, sofas etc); tree or plant matter; or any items prohibited as hazardous waste (old tires, used toilets, etc.); automobile parts, appliances or electronics. We do accept but cannot provide any credit for pallets, hollow core doors, household items made of plastic, laminate or veneer. We do make very specific exceptions for collectibles, upholstered antique furniture, mid-century furniture pieces, live edge planks and a few other items. Contact us for more information.